Safely Sealed:

Closures with sealing liner!

Secure sealing is achieved by sealing inserts suitable for your specific application. The Remy & Geiser standard range includes 2mm thick sealing inserts made of various materials. No adhesive is used for securing them inside the screw cap. The sealing insert is fixed in the cap by a clamping edge. The use of foam based sealing inserts is recommended for 95% of common commercial applications in the pressure seals sector.

For high elasticity and marked resilience PE foam with a density of 200kg/m³, 300kg/m³ or 400kg/m³ is used. The PE foam insert can be laminated to improve the barrier function or resistance.

The following types of lamination are recommended:

  • PE: synthetic oils, creep-prone products, for increasing mechanical surface strength
  • PET: aggressive fill materials, solvent-containing fill materials
  • Saran: oxygen barrier
  • Aluminium/PET: oxygen and water vapour barrier, aggressive fill materials
  • Teflon: aggressive or acid-containing fill materials

We will be pleased to assist you in selecting the product most suitable for your specific application.

As always, your individual wishes and suggestions are most welcome. We develop solutions in a close co-operation with you to achieve the most successful packing system.