Precisely dosed:

Rim dropper closures!

Closures with rim droppers excel with their highly versatile usability. Rim droppers cover a broad range of different viscosities with just one dropper.

Rim droppers by Remy & Geiser are designed to drop optimally at an approximate angle of the bottle of 45°, but also work in different positions, which eases the handling for the patients.
The rim droppers thereby achieve constant dropping attributes in combination with highly versatile possibilities for different usages. Rim droppers are available in many different standard options. If none of these options fit your requirements, our highly experienced and competent development department is glad to work out the best customized option for your liquid.

Rim droppers are used in many different products. Besides their usage in the pharmaceutical market, they are also being used in homeopathic applications, aroma therapy, cosmetics and further industries.

Additional features: Threads: Possible system components:
Child resistance DIN168 GL14 Molded glass bottles
Tamper evidence DIN168 GL18 Tubular glass vials
Several designs   Measuring cups
Special colors   Measuring spoons
Customized branding    
Customized imprints    
Special packaging on demand    
Customized functionality